Apa yang Kita Ketahui Sebelum Facebook?


To paraphrase one amongst my favourite humorist, Will Rogers, “All I know is what I be taught on Facebook.”

I must admit that I additionally to find data from Facebook. I’m in a position to come to a decision with my family and visitors, know what they’re doing, and know what they’re announcing. The details there, whether or no longer correct or no longer, is on hand to all who be taught.

Slightly in level of fact, I don’t continuously imagine what I be taught on Facebook. Lawful announcing!

As you grow and became older, you alter to the changing ambiance that you are in along with the technology. I correctly remember the day I transitioned from a manual typewriter to a computer. My first computer had no laborious power, and plenty of, per chance cannot repeat to that. Alternatively, I assumed I became once in author’s heaven.

I by no reach understanding much about this till sometime a youngster asked me, “How originate the relaxation earlier than Facebook?” There became once a young man born after the invention of Facebook.

In the starting up, I did no longer moderately realize what he became once announcing. I had grown conscious of the developing unique-day technology. No longer that I am an educated, I am lawful a user.

this young particular person, I stated very simply, “Before Facebook, we had grandmas.”

He did no longer realize, so I had to procure a investigate cross-test at to provide an explanation for the Grandma-Ingredient.

My grandmother became once a extraordinarily candy and fabulous girl. I effective knew her when she became once older attributable to finally, she became once my grandmother.

I remember the entire fabulous dinners she cooked for us and especially the pies. Alternatively, there were some issues about grandma I did no longer know till after she had handed.

Unbeknownst to me, she became once known within the entire community as the Queen of Gossipers. This basically caught my consideration.

All people within the community knew my grandmother. Extra than that, my grandmother knew everyone within the community, especially their secrets and tactics.

How she got to that standing of being the Queen of Gossipers is something I bask in by no reach put collectively. All I know is, she became once.

In accordance with some conversations I had along with her visitors, my grandmother knew what became once going down two days earlier than it basically took standing. For the lifetime of me, I don’t know what which reach. Nothing took standing within the community that escaped my grandmother’s consideration.

Whether or no longer folks wished my grandmother’s permission to attain something or no longer, I’m no longer moderately sure. No matter took standing, she knew about it lengthy earlier than it took standing.

Whenever you wanted a rumor started, lawful focus on over with my grandmother and tell a confidential secret to her. On the entire, by the time they got home, that secret became once all the method thru the community.

On the entire I bask in wondered if my grandmother knew that some folks were the exercise of her. Then I wondered if some folks knew how much she became once the exercise of them.

At cases, this became once a minute sensitive. If a couple became once getting engaged, everyone knew about it earlier than they basically were engaged. How she managed that I don’t know.

She be taught a particular person esteem Will Rogers be taught the newspaper.

For her Ninetieth birthday, some folks within the community desired to present her a surprise birthday celebration. They knew, nonetheless, it might possibly be very no longer easy to surprise my grandmother.

Loads of of them met at a restaurant within the next city to work out some little print. They came up with many different eventualities, but none seemed workable.

Then, one amongst the older women folk within the personnel came up with a thought that might well possibly out-gossip the Queen of Gossipers.

The concept became once simply this. On a obvious night, a personnel would meet on the church to fabricate a thought to fireplace their pastor. All people knew that grandmother loved her pastor to pieces. Anything else esteem this is in a position to bask in gotten her dander up, and also you attain no longer wish to attain that.

The success of the thought depended upon the appropriate particular person whispering this gossip to my grandmother. Otherwise, she wouldn’t basically imagine it.

The girl who came up with this became once my grandmother’s closest buddy, and so she became once chosen. If Grandmother would imagine someone, it might possibly be this girl.

They made plans for the birthday celebration. How they got it to everyone without my grandmother vivid is within the same category as who killed JFK.

At the appropriate time, this girl went to my grandmother and confidentially whispered the thought to fireplace her loved pastor. “Now, don’t let this to find out to someone; right here is top secret.”

Before the night ended, everyone within the community knew of the thought to “fire the pastor.”

On that night, folks came early attributable to it became once supposed to be a surprise. It became once an ravishing surprise.

At the appropriate time, my grandmother marched into that church, slammed open the door, and stated as angrily as she had ever been, “How dare you fire my pastor?”

At that second, everyone, including the pastor, burst into singing, “Contented Birthday to You.”

It took a few moments for my grandmother to treasure what became once basically going down. When she sooner or later realized what the assembly became once basically about, she laughed and stated, “How did I omit this?”

As I hear to the girl telling me, the story I assumed of what David stated. “The key of the Lord is with them that anguish him; and he will shew them his covenant” (Psalm 25:14).

Some secrets and tactics, esteem God’s esteem for me, should always quiet be unfold a ways and big and never kept a secret.

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